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With Pictures .. Inter Milan cross Verona to the top of Calcio

Inter Milan snatched a difficult victory from host Hellas Verona, 2-1, in the match that brought them together at the Marc Antonio Pintjodi stadium, in the 14th round of the Italian League.

Lautaro Martinez advanced to Inter Milan in the 52nd minute, Ivan Ilich tied for Verona in the 63rd minute, and Milan Scriñar scored the winning goal for Nerazzurri in the 69th minute.

With this victory, Nerazzurri raised his score to 33 points temporarily at the top of the table, while Verona’s balance stuck at 20 points in ninth place.

Inter entered the match in a different way than the one that Conte had relied on since the beginning of the season, after Antonio changed his way from (3-5-2) to play (3-4-3), with Perisic next to the attacking duo Lukaku and Lautaro.

Inter’s method did not work, but the midfield was completely separated from the attack, relying on longitudinal balls from the wings, while the role of Barilla and Brozovic disappeared.

The match continued quietly from both sides until Inter got a corner kick in the 9th minute, and reached Ashley Young at the borders of the area, who fired a ground shot that went past Verona’s goal.

But the 26th minute nearly announced the goal for Hellas Verona had it not been for the ingenuity of Inter goalkeeper Handanovic, after Dimarco received the ball into the area and penetrated the left side to fire a shot towards the goal that Samir brilliantly removed from his goal.

From a rebound by Perisic, he passed to Lukaku on the left side, who in turn brought it back to the next from the back of Lautaro, to launch the latter a powerful shot into the goal and goalkeeper Silvestri away to a corner, and in the corner, Bastoni rose and met it with a header over the crossbar.

And Lautaro Martinez managed to score Inter’s first goal in the 51st minute, and in a beautiful way, after a cross from the right side of Hakimi, Lautaro met it with a direct shot into the goal, so the ball hit the right post and settled into the net.

With a fatal mistake from goalkeeper Handanovic, Verona scored the equalizer in the 63rd minute, after a Varouni cross from the right side, Samir grabbed the ball and rebounded from it in the six-yard area, so substitute Ilich succeeded in scoring the ball with the net, after a fatal mistake by Handanovic and defender Skriniar.

In the 68th minute, Skriniar succeeded in atoning for his common and blundering mistake with his goalkeeper, after he scored Inter’s second goal in the match, after a neat cross pass from Brozovic from the right, Skriniar rose above everyone and settled the ball into the net.

Lukaku tried to put his name in the match scorers list, after Vidal passed the ball to him inside the area, so the Belgian fired a powerful shot that hit the foot of the Verona defender and hit the outside net.

And in the most dangerous chances of the meeting, Verona got a free kick from outside the penalty area in the 85th minute, which Demarco kicked in a wonderful way, but it passed over the bar and touched the top net of the goal and went out for a goal kick.

Hakimi passed his great speed from the right side in a quick rebound and passed the ball into the penalty area for Lukaku in front of the goal, the Belgian failed to turn it into the net, in a 90-minute opportunity for Nerazzurri.


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