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Rennes vs Chelsea Tue 24 November 2020

The new full matches replays Website offers a link to watch Macth Chelsea vs Rennes Full Match Replay, broadcast live today 11-24-2020 in the Champions League. Chelsea is a guest in front of its opponent, Rennes, in the fourth round of the group stage in the Champions League competitions. Europe for the current season, and the match will be held today at the Stade de Roissons Park, the stronghold of the French club Rennes, and today’s confrontation in Champions will take place after the international stop in the second leg in which each team is looking for victory today and reaped three points to enhance its position in the table of the fifth group ranking, and it will start Today the match between Chelsea and Rain is at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, five o’clock in the evening, and eight o’clock in the evening, local time

Chelsea and Rennes match

The Chelsea team is currently top of the fifth group with 7 points after three games, on par with Sevilla in second place, but with a goal difference only, that day, Chelsea FC will enter the match as a guest outside the stadium in front of Rennes, looking for victory and collecting three points to maintain the position The first, and the last match played by Chelsea before today’s confrontation, was in front of its opponent, Newcastle United, in which it won with two goals without a response, and his last match in Champions Rennes and in the first leg, and won it by three goals at home.

The date for the Chelsea and Rennes match

On the other hand, Rennes, the host of the confrontation on the ground of their stadium, enters the group stage of the European Champions League within the fourth round as part of the return match, and today at its stadium, Rennes seek victory and reap the three points in order to obtain their first victory in the fifth group and is currently the owner The last place in the group with only one point, and the last match played by Rennes before today’s match was against its opponent, Bordeaux, in which it lost at home with a single goal without a response, and today the Chelsea match will be broadcast on the BBC Sport first channel.

Chelsea’s expected squad against Rennes

Chelsea’s expected squad against Rennes this evening, Tuesday, away from home. Chelsea are expected to play the match with a formation that will include goalkeeper Edward Mendy, and in the defense line are Reese James, Kurt Zuma, Thiago Silva, Ben Chilwell, and in midfield Matteo Kovacic, Ngolo Kante, Mason Mount, and front line Hakim Ziyash, Tammy Abraham, Timo Werner.

Rennes expected squad against Chelsea

Rennes expected squad against Chelsea in the fourth round of the group stage. Today, Rennes are expected to play at home with a lineup that will include goalkeeper Alfred Gomez, and in the defense line Brandon Subie – Damien da Silva – Daniele Rugani – Hamari Traore, and in midfield Benjamin Boregaide – Clement Greeneire – Jonas Martyn, and in the front line Jeremy Ducu – Sirho Geraci – twice as bruised.

Chelsea’s official squad against Rennes

Chelsea’s official squad against Rennes The Chelsea coach announced today the official line-up and will include Mendy in the goalkeeper, in the defense line Chilwell – Silva – Zuma – Azpilicueta, in the midfield of Mount – Jorginho – Kovacic, and in the offensive line Werner – Abraham – Odoi



First half

Second half


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